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Discover the reason why so many Fortune 500 companies utilize our law firm to collect their debt portfolios no matter where their debtors are located across the globe.

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Skip Tracing

Our Skip Tracing process involves tracking someone who owes you money.

Successfully collecting on a delinquent account requires locating the debtor. A debtor may relocate and/or have his telephone disconnected, believing they are leaving creditors with no immediate means of contact.

Skip tracing allows creditors to locate debtors through various outlets available to them.

At The Law Offices of Ross Gelfand, LLC, we are known for our high debt recovery ratio.  That is because our offices are comprised of debt collection attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff who are skilled in all aspects of skip tracing.  We know how to use the benefits of skip tracing to improve recovery rates and trace individuals and businesses that might have otherwise fallen off “the grid.”

A skip trace is a process of intense investigation that involves several steps, including database research, contact with former neighbors or employers, contact with known associates and relatives, and records searching to verify address and contact information.  Skip tracing is a completely legal process and is highly successful in locating debtors who, for whatever reason, don’t wish to be found.

According to research, approximately 35% of debtors move annually, requiring some form of skip tracing to reach them.  The Law Offices of Ross Gelfand, LLC has an up-to-date database with over 4 billion public records that assists us in finding debtors who owe you money.  The good news for many of our clients is that we can usually locate debtors quickly in order to start the debt collection process in earnest.

As highly skilled collection attorneys, we a proud of our reputation of getting the job done.  With competitive legal fees, fast turnaround time, high recovery ratio, and friendly customer service, we stand out from the rest.  We are more than just a collection agency—we are a law firm that specializes in bad debt collection, which means that we are ready and willing to use the full extent of the legal system (if necessary) to help you recover money that is owed to you.

Our network of collection attorney affiliates, combined with our expertise in skip tracing and other methods of locating debtors, means that when you choose us, you are choosing the best.  Please call 1-800-899-4353 to speak to one of our collection attorneys today!