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Salt Lake City Collection Attorney

Why a Salt Lake City, Utah Collection Attorney is The Right Choice

While bad debts are a fact of every business’ existence, that doesn’t mean you simply write them off and keep plunging blindly forward.  If no effort is made to recover debts owed, your cash flow and ability to invest in your own future growth becomes compromised.  While some companies might choose to pursue these debts themselves, feeling it’s just a matter of a few phones calls and some pressure applied in the right place, businesses all over Salt Lake City, Utah have discovered the simple truth: Debt recovery is something best done by an experienced, dedicated partner.

And that partner should be a collection attorney as opposed to simply a collection agency.  Anyone can launch a collections business and call themselves a pro – but an attorney and law firm bring resources and tools to the debt recovery game that are only available to lawyers The Law Offices of Ross Gelfand, LLC can access legal channels to locate, negotiate with, and compel debtors to make good on all or part of their debts, keeping your cash flow positive and your employees (and yourself) able to concentrate on your business in Salt Lake City, Utah and beyond, instead of mired down in the unfamiliar and challenging work of debt recovery.