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Debt Collection Procedures

In working with commercial and consumer claims, the firm utilizes a company called You’ve Got Claims. This service will allow you to access your account information by the click of a button. Your account information will be accessible within 48 hours of your account being acknowledged by our firm. This service will enable us to provide you with the most current and up to date status report on your account(s). Please complete and return both of the attached agreements to our office within 30 days of placing an account with us. You can view a tutorial of this service online at you

Because this firm handles the processing of all claims for the U.S.A. and International transactions from our Atlanta office, we have developed an experienced attorney network familiar with commercial and consumer claims. All of the attorneys affiliated with this firm are bonded by national law lists and are members of the Commercial Law League of America. Because of the need for speed and accuracy in dealing with collection matters, all attorneys are required to report and update this law firm every thirty (30) days. Furthermore, all correspondence, lawsuits, and necessary information, such as affidavits, are coordinated through this office.

Our firm also has an affiliate investigative service to deal with skip tracing and asset/income investigations. The costs of these services are relatively low in comparison with the outstanding ability to locate and collect previously determined written-off accounts.

Once an account is turned over to our firm, the following takes place in chronological sequence:

1. A demand letter is sent to the debtor in compliance with state and federal statutes.

2. Telephone contact commences within 24 hours of placement.

3. Investigative reports for lawsuit determination if no response.

4. Client approved legal claims are forwarded to associate counsel where debtor resides.

It should be further noted that legal action determination is made within thirty (30) days of account turnover. Therefore, accounts do not get stale, but are expediently acted upon by this firm.