Georgia Collection Attorneys

Whether you are a small businesses or a large corporation, there comes a time when collection efforts become necessary.  While you may have a department or person within your company handling this side of the business, using a law firm can help you increase your success and get the money that you are owed.  Whether it is personal loans, auto loans, bank cards, or another type of collection, we can work for you to increase your recovery ratio and decrease your financial loss.

Collection attorneys specialize in techniques that are within the bounds of the laws and regulations of the state.

Not only do they send out notices and make contact with your debtors to try to get the payment that you are owed, but they will also file litigation to make your debtor pay you through wage garnishment, etc.  We will work every avenue to ensure that you get the money that you are due.

Georgia collection attorneys, like those at The Law Offices of Ross Gelfand, LLC, offer you a high recovery ratio with competitive fees and fast turnaround.  If you have questions about any type of collection, give us a call.  We are ready to work for you to get you the results that you need.