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Identifying the Right Atlanta Collection Attorney

No matter what industry you’re in or what size your company is, debt recovery is always a priority.  After all, you expended resources to create value for a customer, and not getting paid for those efforts is never acceptable.  It’s no wonder that so many businesses in Atlanta choose to seek a collection attorney as a partner in their debt recovery efforts.

A collection attorney such as The Law Offices of Ross Gelfand, LLC offers not only the expected collection agency tools and tactics, such as skip tracing, research, and contact, we also offer a plethora of legal channels to pursue redress of debts.  The reach and power of the law is always greater than even the most skilled investigators and collection professionals, and a law office with extensive resources can achieve results where other more traditional collection efforts fail.

When it comes to an Atlanta collection attorney, The Law Offices of Ross Gelfand, LLC stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Featuring the most experienced, well-trained and intelligent staff in the area, we can instantly improve your bad debt ratio, your cash flow, and the amount of time and mental energy you have to focus on your core business instead of distractions like bad debts.